What Are The Most Common Women Issues?

A woman is the most powerful and strong creation of a God. It is not a small thing that she gives birth to a child after keeping him 9 months in the womb. keeping and taking care of a child in the womb is not an easy. Also, the pain and the complication that she goes through during the pregnancy are not easy. She has to face a lot. A man can’t get an idea about the women issues as he has no internal organs like a woman.

Thanks to a gynaecology department that provide all the solutions to the issues related to a woman. We can easily go to the doctor and visit a gynaecology in Grafton department and get our issues resolved.  There are many issues that a woman faces and only she knows how frustrating all the issues are. A man in our society can easily raise voice against her without knowing a fact that the hormonal issues are itself very annoying and disturbing.

The Issues

Some are the common issues that a woman face is mentioned below.

  • High Prolactin Level:

A high prolactin level causes infertility. A woman who has raised high prolactin level can’t give birth to a child neither she gets pregnant until it comes within the ranges. Stress and mental disturbance cause high prolactin level and a woman goes into a lactation phase which causes difficulties in getting pregnant.

  • PCOS:

Polycystic ovaries syndrome is the disturbance of hormones like estrogen.  A normal menstrual cycle occurs each month. All the women get periods on monthly basis if they are internally healthy. When they have PCOS, it stops periods on monthly basis. The periods get irregular and there are many months in which they don’t get periods.

  • Fibroids:

Fibroids are basically the cysts which has water filled in it. They are usually occurred in the ovaries. Women who suffer from the fibroids have less chances of getting pregnant. The cysts are present all over the ovaries which makes it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Also, it disturbs the monthly cycle and aids weight gain.

  • Excessive Bleeding:

There are many women who complains that they experience heavy bleeding each month which leaves them weak and lethargic. Dripping out that amount of blood each month is not a good sign. There is a limit for it.

  • Infertility:

Many couples are suffering with the fertility issues. A gynaecology field has come up with many solutions related to these issues. New technologies and medications can resolve this big issue of couples.

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