What Do You Mean By Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is process which is related to the cosmetic and it is used to enhance the lips and give them fuller look. Some dermatologist performs surgeries for it and some use some other methods. The most popular and common method these days is known by the name of the injectable dermal. This is kind of injection which is applied either on the lips or the area around the lips. However, this is only one kind of injection and there are several other kinds of lip injections as well which are used for the same purpose.

The market of dermatologist however in these days are making use of the injections which consist of the hyaluronic acid. This is the natural acid which is found inside the human body and it works as an agent to fuller the lips. With the advent and change in the time the techniques for this procedures have been changed. The methods which were assumed to be the best at one point are no longer in use and are replaced by other procedures which are considered to be more effective.

Fat injections were also used at times but their usage was dropped because of the side effects that it offered. The fat injections as the name represent are used to fatten the skin. But since the lips are very sensitive part of the body and only a minor fuller look is required in this case therefore the fat injection usage was stopped because its result varied in different situations and the usage of hyaluronic were introduced.

There are mainly three objectives that are fulfilled with by the process of lip filler in Sydney. Firstly, lips are given a volume, second the shape of the lip is also changed from the older one and in some cases the lips are also changed or modified structure wise. However, the results of these injections are not permanent, however if you go for surgery then that offers you a permanent results. With the injections the result will highly likely to last around 6 months and then your lips shape starts to come back to its original shape. Therefore, in order to keep them look fuller you need to take the session every six months.

This is however a very technical procedure and is usually done by experienced and qualified doctor or dermatologist. The cost of this procedure varies from clinic to clinic. Some clinic may perform this in around 500 $ and some may cost you up to 2000 $