What Is Belkyra Treatment

Double chin is one of the most common problems people are facing now-a-days. It not only effects the look of the person but also cause problems in the personal and professional life of the person who is suffering with this problem. To remove this problem there is a fantastic solution that’s been launched in Jan, 2016 in Canada. Dr. Crippen was the first who was trained to treat this problem. The treatment is named as Kelowna Belkyra. It is also termed as injectable. The double chin basically is a stubborn fat that rests under the chin.

This type of fat cannot be targeted with simple exercise or diet. You can lose overall body fat and weight but this facial fat is difficult to remove. To deal with this problem Belkyra chin injections are used. In this method a thin film having colorful dots is placed under the chin and is moistened with the help of water. After getting moistened, the pattern placed on the thin foil is transferred to the skin and then injections are injected in a specific pattern. The only thing which patient felt is pain of injection’s small needle. He or she may move head and neck according to the desire. As different people have different skin types and different quantity of fat under the chin. So before taking treatment it is compulsory to go to a specialized dermatologist and then start the treatment. The complete procedure takes only few minutes and one meeting can be of only one hour. It is dependent on the quantity of fat that how much time it will require to completely get rid of it. For some patients it could be of several weeks and for some it could be a month or few.

Some patients feel some swelling but that disappears after some time and one can directly engage into his or her work after taking the treatment. While some feel extremely greater swollen part as doubled as their double chin and this can remain swollen for up to 14 days or more. This could remain crucial to go to work or engage into the regular duties. But this is the sign of successful results. Belkyra has an extra advantage that for it there is no need to repeat the treatment as for Botox or dermal fillers Dalkeith. The thoughts came into mind what this medicine does after entering into the body. When the Belkyra is injected then it dissolves the layer of protein which is around the fat under the neck. Then this fat is get dissolved and the face looks prettier as earlier. There are many causes of this fattening. Some have it due to age or some have due to any disorder present in the body. The main constituent or essential particle present in it is deoxycholic acid which help in fat retention. This acid id generally present in the body which helps in digestion by absorbing dietary fats. In other body parts such as under the arm, knee and lower abdominal area has packets of fats which are difficult to remove. Belkyra can also be used in these regions.